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Staff Finder TAS utilized the most up-to-date technology to create software that makes your life easier and your educational program more successful. It’s ideal for scheduling student clinics hours, internships, and for storing student and clinic information.

One of our favorite software features is the Search function, which also links to Outlook Express so you can email or text message students or clinics concerning internship placement details.

Each student has a record with their basic contact information, licensure information, specific credentialing information, notes, placement history, availability, photo, and documents that have been scanned and saved in the system. Each client also has a very similar record in the software to track placements of students, any pertinent notes, contact information, etc.

We are confident that our software would be an asset to you and the functioning of your learning institution.

  • Reports section lets you know if a license or certification is expiring
  • Permanent placement history of students
  • Our automated reports let you work away from the computer and office with confidence

"I absolutely love the Staff Finder software. It is exactly what I had been searching for, for many years. Our version is specific to the dental referral / employment business. It was wonderful to talk with Terri, as she knew exactly what I was needing in sofftware for my business. And Teri has been very professional, she does what she says she will do, she has integrity. I highly recommend Staff Finder TAS Software!"

-The Dental Connection | Chico, CA

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