Sophisticated proprietary computer applications.

Staff Finder TAS (Total Agency Software)

Helps you to keep on top of scheduling and filling placements: find and get the right person for the right job! With an easy to navigate and user friendly interface, you will have all the information you need about every job and placement right at your fingertips. Staff Finder can quickly and easily help you choose and find the best and most valid employee for each and every request for staffing.
  • Improves productivity. Helps you to organize tasks.
  • Manage thousands of placements with skill, wisdom, and confidence.
  • Sophisticated proprietary computer applications.
  • Instantly access key client and employee information.
  • Manage and prioritize placements.
  • Quickly find and assign employees for placements.
  • Keep track of all contact related information.
  • Get a clear view of your scheduled placements in a daily, weekly, or monthly view.
  • Generate reports for unemployment and workman’s compensation insurance purposes.
  • Allow for client/employee relationship management and correspondence via email.
  • Produce reports which track history of employee assignments and client placements easily and effortlessly.
Essential Employment Agency Management software, specifically designed for your agency’s placement needs.

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* Software is available as an addition to the Nanda business consulting package, and additional costs apply.

  • Easy to use interface for quick navigation.
  • Integrates with Microsoft office for client/ employee relationship management.
  • Designed to assist you with compiling all pertinent information on all employees and clients.
  • Utilizes map technology for directing employees to their work location.
  • Network compatible.
  • 30 day technical support.
  • 90 day or full year of technical support package available.
  • Free updates for software.

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